Kick Starting your Life with "Vision Juicing Technology"

If you landed on this page by clicking on a promotional link for our product Vision Board Studio (VBS), please note that you have been redirected to this company page due to the following development:

After much consideration, the team at Orangepeel Systems has decided to discontinue our Vision Board Studio product; the offering of VBS on our site has therefore been discontinued as of the 7th November 2013. Please note that we continue to service our current customers who are still able to contact us for support and who will still be able to access all materials that are part of their VBS purchase.

The reason for our decision is that the current VBS software is becoming increasingly outdated both in terms of technology and user demands. Looking at our options we realised that we were not able to justify investing the considerable time and money required into developing a newer, more up to date version or mobile app.

We thoroughly enjoyed the past 10 years of offering this fantastic system to our audience, helping them to visualize their goals and dreams and we certainly couldn’t have done this without the support of all our affiliates. We therefore would like to take this opportunity to express our huge gratitude to all our affiliates for their ongoing support. We also thank our customers who over the years believed in our product enough to buy our product; we’ve enjoyed the connections and positive feedback on our product and it’s -sometimes astonishing- results. We hope you will continue VBS to visualize your goals and work on making your vision a reality! All the best from all of us here at Orangepeel Systems :) .